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December 2, 2016 

Emotional Intelligence and Improv

Presented by:

Lawrence Hedbloom
& Kristen R. Krueger, PhD 

Improvisation exercises or “improv” is increasingly being used to address diverse mental health outcomes. Those who use improv to this end often feel that there is an incredible potential or even magical quality to what improv does and how it can make people feel. Researchers have also begun to study the positive effects of improv exercises. It is believed that engaging in group improv exercises can help improve trust, listening, creativity and team-work. The first part of this highly-experiential session will show how building on Yes, AND can facilitate communication and increase collaboration.  Specifically, we will engage participants in exercises to illustrate the following improv concepts:

Yes, AND

Surrender to the ensemble

Good Passes 

Be bold and celebrate mistakes

Location: Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, 867 N Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL 60610 

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