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Creating Effective Partnerships with Treatment Providers


Tony Pacione, LCSW, CSADC and Chelsy Castro, LCSW, MA, JD

Lawyers' Assistance Program

Tony Pacione is currently the Clinical Director for the Illinois Lawyers’ Assistance Program, providing behavioral health and addiction services to attorneys, judges, and law students. Tony possesses a wealth of experience as a clinician and program director in the addiction and behavioral health field since 1982. Chelsy A. Castro, JD, MA, LCSW, is currently Clinical Case and Program Manager for the Illinois Lawyers’ Assistance Program where she manages outreach programs and provides behavioral health and addiction services to attorneys, judges and law students. She is both an attorney and a clinician. 

Program Overview: 

This presentation will demonstrate proven strategies to build more effective, accountable provider partnerships that deliver consistent value in clinical services to your employers. The results of a five questions survey given to regional and national addiction treatment programs will be reviewed. The survey seeks greater understanding on how treatment providers deliver and measure quality care, so that client’s needs can be matched to the most appropriate treatment resource.

The presentation will focus on how EAPs can:
  • Improve access to care;
  • Facilitate better communications with ‘clinical decision makers;’
  • Ensure individualized treatment planning; and
  • Measure and track treatment outcome

Learning Objectives:

  • An understanding of how to obtain an in-depth knowledge of prospective treatment providers
  • Strategies to ensure individualized treatment plans are provided for clients
  • Knowledge on developing improved access to treatment services
  • Techniques to monitor and track treatment outcomes

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